Subunit A1: The Real Numbers

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Subunit A1: The Real Numbers



In this lesson you will learn about  Prime Numbers, The Greatest Common Factor (GCF), The Least Common Multiple (LCM), Reducing a Fraction to Lowest Terms, Multiplying Fractions, Dividing Fractions, and Adding & Subtracting Fractions


The only activity required for Diploma Credit is the completion of the Cumulative Evaluation with a score of at least 70%. It is up to you to decide which of the Optional Activities listed below you need to complete to prepare for the Education. However, it is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED that you at least complete the Cumulative Practice Evaluation.


TEXT: Academic Systems Algebra - Elementary Algebra (PAN)

o READING: Pages 77 – 93

o PRACTICE PROBLEMS: 1 - 23 odd on page 98 and 1 - 55 odd on pages 99 - 100.

o ONLINE LEARNING ACTIVITIES: Many students find the PLATO (or BuzMath, where available) online activities to be a good place to get started on a given lesson, since …

▫ The PLATO Tutorials (or BuzMath Discussions/Demonstrations [where available]) generally present a good introduction to the critical concepts and skills.

▫ The PLATO Applications (or BuzMath Guided Practices & Independent Practices [where available]) provide a fair amount of reinforcement and practice.

▫ And the BuzMath Self Checks [where available] are a good measure of how well you have learned the material and what things you still need to work on, if any.

You are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to take advantage of these online resources; however, they are not required. The main thing is that you be able to demonstrate that you have learned the required concepts and skills by passing a written Cumulative Evaluation with at least 70%.

o LESSON REVIEW: Complete the A2 Practice Cumulative Evaluation(s)

Comparison Symbols
Greatest Common
Factor (GCF)
Absolute Value
Lesson Summary
Prime Numbers

Subunit A2: Lesson 1.2 (Factoring and Fractions) -- Overview





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