Subunit A1: The Real Numbers

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Subunit A1: The Real Numbers


Subunit A1: Lesson 2.2 (Solving Linear Eqns) & Lesson 2.4 (Linear Inequalities)

Lesson 2.2 Concept 1: Solving Equations I: Definitions & The Solution of a Linear Equation; Principles of Equality

Lesson 2.2 Concept 2: Solving Equations II: Equations That Contain Fractions; Equations That Have Variables on Both Sides; Equations That Contain Parentheses; Identities and Equations with No Solution; Formulas

Lesson 2.4 Concept 1: Solving Inequalities: Linear Inequalities; Graphing Solutions of a Linear Inequality; Solving Linear Inequalities; Solving Compound Linear Inequalities

Subunit A2: Lesson 6.1 (Exponents) & Lesson 5.1-2 (Solving Linear Systems by Algebra)

Lesson 6.1 Concept 1: Properties of Exponents: Exponential Notation; Multiplication & Division Properties; Power of a Power Property; Power of a Product / Quotient Properties; Zero Power Property; Using Several Properties

Lesson 5.1 Concept 2 - Solving Linear Systems by Algebra: Solving a Linear System by Substitution; Solving a Linear System by Elimination; Helpful Strategies When Using Elimination; Special Cases of Linear Systems

Subunit A3: Lesson 4.1-3 (Slope of a Line) & Lesson 2.3 (Intro to Alg. Problem Solving)

Lesson 4.1 Concept 3: Slope of a Line: Definition of Slope; Positive and Negative Slopes; Horizontal Lines and Vertical Lines; Using Slope to Graph a Line; Slopes of Parallel Lines & Perpendicular Lines

Lesson 2.3 Concept 2: Geometry: Geometry Problems

Lesson 2.3 Concept 1: Number and Age: Translating Words into Algebra; A General Procedure for Solving Word Problems; Number Problems; Age Problems

o READING: Pages 165 - 172

o PRACTICE PROBLEMS: 1 – 11 odd on page 180 and 1 – 27 odd on page 182.

o ONLINE ACTIVITIES: See Item 1 Page 2.

Ø SUBUNIT REVIEW: Complete Cumulative Practice Evaluation(s) A3. See Item 3 on Page 2.

Ø REQUIRED: Do Cumulative Evaluation A3. See Item 4 on Page 2 for requirements.  Scores: _____





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Unit A: Review of Essential Algebra Basics -- Overview