Subunit A1: The Real Numbers

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Last Modified :  February 14, 2011

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NOTE: Interactive material is under development for this course. Meanwhile, the buttons at the right link to PDF versions of the handouts used in the course.

PS B1: Introduction to Decimals (Review fraction skills and concepts, learn about Decimal Place Value, Rounding, Comparing Decimals, Converting Between Fractions and Decimals, and Reading a Metric Ruler.)

PS B2: Introduction to Decimal Operations (Review fraction and PSB1 skills and concepts, learn about Decimal Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Single-Step Decimal Word Problems.)

Order of Operations Supplement:  

PS B3: Mixed Decimal Operations (Review fraction, PSB1, and PSB2 skills and concepts, learn about the Order of Operations and Multi-Step Decimal Problems.)

Practice Test: This activity is designed to serve as a mixed review of material covered to date. Completion of this activity is optional; however, it should prove helpful in preparing for the unit test.

Unit Test: (Complete all the above prior to taking the cumulative Unit Test.)




Contemporary's Number Power 2: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents


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Unit B: Decimals -- Overview