Subunit A1: The Real Numbers

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Last Modified :  February 14, 2011

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NOTE: Interactive material is under development for this course. Meanwhile, the buttons at the right link to PDF versions of the handouts used in the course.

PS C1: Percent Basics (Review fraction and decimal skills and concepts, learn about Percent Definition, Fraction-Decimal-Percent Conversions, Finding Percent of a Number.)

Converting Among Equivalent Number Forms Supplement

Ratio & Proportion Supplement - [Available from your teacher.] (This supplemental handout is designed to introduce you to the use of proportions to solve problems.  You should find it helpful in completing Problem Set C2.)

PS C2: Solving Percent Problems (Review fraction, decimal, and basic percent skills and concepts, learn about Finding What Percent One Number is of another, Finding a Number When a Percent of It Is Given)

Practice Test: This activity is designed to serve as a mixed review of material covered to date. Completion of this activity is optional; however, it should prove helpful in preparing for the unit test.

Unit Test: (Complete all the above prior to taking the cumulative Unit Test.)

PS C3: Applying What You’ve Learned About Arithmetic & Problem Solving (This is an optional activity  consisting of several mini-projects  meant to simulate real-life situations while integrating many of the concepts and skills you have learned throughout the course. This activity works best when completed in  a small group setting.)


Contemporary's Number Power 2: Fractions, Decimals, and Percents

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Ratio & Proportion


Inactive button beneath: This online activity is under development.

Unit C: Percent & Proportion -- Overview